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Simply put transition strategy is good organizational strategy, period. Yet 79% of owners have no detailed plan.

70-80% of businesses that go to market DON’T SELL!

Only 30% of Family-Owned Businesses survive a transfer to the 2nd generation.

What We Do

Business Succession Planning

Responsibly executed, proper exit planning is a “wholistic” approach that aligns owner, family, and organizational objectives to discover opportunities that when structured and executed proactively become part of an ongoing business culture that maximizes organizational value. Further, it serves to educate stakeholders on all available transition options and contingencies in order to support owners, their families, and their employees and assists each in meeting their goals.

Business Transition Management

The decision and process of a company transition ZAPS the attention of all stakeholders involved whether it be a generational transition to family, the formation of an ESOP or sale to a third party. Although highly challenging in such an environment, it is critical for valuation and to the transition itself for the company to maintain performance throughout. The Headwaters Approach provides additional support so that primary attention can remain on business performance. Emphasis is also placed on post-transition management for the employees, and in the building and presentation of a case for both the business’s quantitative AND qualitative value streams with the purpose of providing the optimal return.

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