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What We Do

Business Succession Planning

Our planning assistance helps owners navigate the complexities of succession by aligning their personal goals with organizational objectives that maximize the business’s enterprise value. We use a specialized 5-step approach that identifies, protects, and builds the business’s future potential, resulting in a more attractive proposition for both current owners, and prospective buyers. This preparation method also has the universal advantage of catering both to the needs of third-party buyers seeking a profitable investment, or families aiming for a seamless transition to the next generation.

Business Transition Management

Strong performance is crucial for achieving a premium valuation in any business. However, during a transition, owners and managers may unintentionally shift their focus towards managing the transaction instead of actively managing the business. This can lead to a decline in performance at a critical time, jeopardizing the goal of attaining the valuation desired. At Headwaters, our approach includes comprehensive planning and additional support to ensure business performance remains strong, and therefore the ideal value of the business realized. We also emphasize strategies that support management and employees in maintaining post-transition business continuity, which is a key value driver for your potential buyers.

Open the Door to Your Ideal Exit