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What People Are Saying

On Value Creation through Strategic Positioning and Sales Growth

“Basic qualities a buyer will look for in a business are good products and a competent sales force. For the owner; however, business value is maximized to the extent these also align to position the company for long-term market share growth and increasing profitability.

Doug headed Sales & Marketing in a company we owned together. In this role he created a value-proposition that positioned our products and services as premium offerings deserving of a higher price than our competitors, and was key in launching a new product line that diversified our product portfolio.

Doug carried this vision to his sales team by implementing a more disciplined and value-added sales approach centered on customer training and education. This effectively communicated our value-proposition throughout distribution channels and solidly branded our company as a premium supplier.

The results of these efforts were improved margins, expanded geographic reach, rapid sales growth and a sustainable business model poised for future growth that allowed us to later sell the company as a Best-in-Class.”

– Partner and Private Equity Investor

On Preparation Prior to Initiating a Sale

“There are many common and familiar aspects of business valuation including sales growth, profitability levels and relative industry valuations, to name a few. There are also many intangible qualities to valuation including the strength of the management team, corporate culture and organizational preparedness. As an M&A banker having led many successful deals in my career, I cannot stress enough the importance of a company being prepared well before executing the initial steps of a sale. This preparedness enhances the management team’s credibility and professionalism, and moreover, allows them to focus on selling the business while also maintaining organizational performance critical for supporting the value-proposition being presented to buyers.   

Doug was on the management team of a business I was selected to facilitate and broker the sale for. Together with their shareholders, they spent a notable amount of time and effort on internal initiatives and on assembling information prior to their sale. When I got involved as their banker, I was able to easily ascertain the unique qualities of the business and efficiently get what I needed to best present it to buyers. When diligence requests came in, we were able to answer them quickly.

The result was a management team who were poised and confident in their presentations, and a high degree of interest and competition that served to keep multiple buyers engaged throughout. As Doug has first-hand experience in the importance of, and has executed necessary elements for a prepared sale and business transition, I am confident he will put these skills to good use at bringing value to customers in his advisory practice.”

– Investment Banking Managing Director

On Business Transitions

“Having worked on and led several teams assigned to evaluate and acquire companies at different points in my career, I have witnessed the added stress and costs of integrating people and organizations that were not ready. Never underestimate the benefits that planning and preparation will contribute to a successful and balanced transition.

In working with Doug through two business transitions I am confident he understands the importance, benefits and impact preparation offers, and that his experience and processes provide a critical need for organizations, employees and owners.”

– President, Family Owned Business

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