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Value Center

Value Center

It is important that your business be as attractive as possible to potential buyers at all times. Laying this groundwork early provides more options during fluctuations in your industry, the economy, capital markets, or upon receipt of an unsolicited offer.

Additionally, over 50% of owners exit their business due to an unexpected life event such as death, disability or divorce. Unanticipated events like these make it vital to “future proof” your business with a plan that ensures business continuity, and that protects your most valuable asset.

On this page we provide a tool to assess and add value to your business, so that you can always be ready.

The Business Attractiveness Assessment

This complimentary 25 question assessment will help you determine the level of risk your business presents to a potential buyer…the lower the risk, the greater the business value.

Simply fill in your contact information below and check the box next to, “Please send me a complimentary Business Attractiveness Assessment” to receive your confidential online link.

Upon completion you will receive a detailed action plan outline to help you address Business, Forecast, Market, and Investor Factors that contribute to higher risk.

By integrating these opportunities into your strategic planning activities you will be taking a significant step in de-risking vital areas of your business so you are better prepared for the sale you choose, or the unexpected one that chooses you. Open the door to your ideal exit!

Business Factor Opportunities