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Car crossing finish line

The ExitMaster™
Business Transition Index

Introducing The ExitMaster™ Business Transition Index

Are you a business owner in anticipation of crossing the finish line to a successful business exit? Prepare yourself with the ExitMaster™ Business Transition Index. Answering just 10 targeted questions below will help you gauge your readiness and highlight areas that require immediate attention.

Why take the ExitMaster™ assessment now? Much like preparing for a race, adequate preparation is vital to achieve peak performance. This assessment allows you to evaluate your readiness, strategize your actions, and ensure you’re fully prepared to win the race.

Benefits of the ExitMaster™ assessment:

  • A. Gauge your current readiness.

  • B. Avoid stumbling blocks.

  • C. Gain the early advantage to maximizing business value.

ExitMaster™ Instructions:

Answer 1-6 by utilizing the drop-down box next to each question. On the scale, (1) is the least prepared, known, or considered, while (6) is the most prepared, known, or considered. When complete click “Submit” to view your results.

Is the business reliant on the owner? Less reliant is more attractive to buyers and therefore the score is higher.

Do you have strong business systems in place (CRM, sales, marketing, accounting, technology and production)?

Do you have policies and procedures that are well implemented (HR, performance, conduct, safety, security)?

Have you been profitable over the past few years including the current year?

Are you predicting that your business will continue to grow and be profitable?

Do you have written financial forecasts, and could a third-party feel comfortable the business will achieve them in your absence?

Do you have plan underway to ensure post transition leadership is prepared to operate the company after your exit?

Have you defined and aligned specific personal financial, business, and post transition needs and goals?

Are you educated on all exit options and have defined the optimum buyer in relation to your stated goals?

Is there a current wealth management plan in place for life after your business that includes estate, insurance, and tax strategies to lower risk and increase wealth?

Open the Door to Your Ideal Exit