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The ExitMaster™
Business Transition Index

Score: more than 80%

You show a high level of preparedness for a successful business exit. Your careful planning has significantly reduced the risks and potential pitfalls associated with selling your business. Now you must be relentless in addressing any remaining obstacles to maximizing your potential proceeds. According to the Exit Planning Institute, owners who are fully prepared receive up to 35% more for their businesses vs those who are not.

Doubling down on preparedness can help avoid several remaining challenges:

  • Disadvantages in negotiating the most favorable terms for your sale.

  • Inability to adapt your company to the buyer type who will value your business the highest.

  • Keeping multiple buyers interested to receive highest negotiated price.   

  • Filling skills gaps between family owner(s) and next generation leadership.

  • Complexity and uncertainty to determining the final tax liability.

It is now time to focus on maximizing your business value and personal wealth. You deserve to be rewarded to the fullest for your years of hard work.

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