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The ExitMaster™
Business Transition Index

Score: 50-80%

It is very good some level of preparation exists, however, incomplete readiness can still lead to unforeseen challenges and missed opportunities. While it is more likely to find interested buyers, it is important to remember that half of all buyers back out during the business vetting process.

Other challenges include:

  • Undervaluation of business resulting in lower sale price.

  • Prolonged transition period resulting in increased costs.

  • Unnecessary stress for owner(s) due to elevated time and energy demands.

  • Disrupted operations causing decrease in business performance.

  • High probability of extended post-sale involvement for owner(s).

At this time, it is critical that you prioritize and be more thorough and detailed in your preparation. This will help mitigate these implications and increase the chances of achieving your desired business exit.

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